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We provide our services to partners around the globe, analyzing and help improve their impact in the field. Using state of the art tools and methodological approaches, we specialize in supporting conservation organizations with the following core services:

Strategic Project & Program Design

  • Adaptive Management Readiness
  • Organizational Development
  • Climate Change Integration

Project & Program Evaluation

  • Impact & Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Climate Change proofing

Training & Capacity Building

  • Coach & Trainer for the CMP Open Standards & Miradi
  • Communication & Social Media

Process Facilitation

  • Multiple Team Workshop Planning & Conducting
  • Stakeholder Consultations
  • Team Process Guidance
Past Clients

Felix Cybulla has worked as an independent advisor for conservation planning and adaptive protected area management for many years and has accompanied multiple conservation projects for clients worldwide. He is the co-founder of the non-profit organization and has his background in Global Change Management and International Forest Ecosystem Management.

His strength lies in adaptive conservation site management, developing custom solutions for conservation projects.

Felix is a Coach, Trainer and Instructor for the CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (also known as the WWF Standards of Conservation Project and Programme Management (PPMS)) and Miradi Software.

Together with his team, Felix has helped clients achieve their highest impact possible on project and program level.

With a passion for Conservation Photography, the image repository project Shiloba provides stunning photos of the natural wonders we all fight to protect.

Conservation Photography

Protecting the naturals wonders of this planet needs good story telling to convince stakeholders to support your cause. This is why every big conservation organization has its own communications department. But what about the small grass root initiatives or local NGOs? And why do you need a separate step in between the communication team and your project?

We believe that strong images are key to communicate what you are protecting and why it is worth fighting for. This is why we founded the Conservation Photography website “Shiloba” which delivers compelling conservation images and videos of sites around the world. Portraying the beauty of your sites as well as capturing the challenges and threats you and your team face are part of the custom solutions we build.

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This is all?

Yes, we believe in simple yet effective solutions. Buzzwords and fancy websites are nice, but impact in the field is what we really care for.

For more information, a detailed CV & Resumé, or any questions or requests you might have, please contact us.